Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mario Mushroom T-Shirt Recon

I love the concept of cutting up old t-shirts and crafting them into something more fashionable, or at least less boxy.  The problem I always ran into was that so many t-shirt recons, either from books or internet, involved either showing your bra or not wearing them. 

When I was into t-shirt reconing the most I was 16.  My high school could have sent me home for showing my bra, and honestly 16 year old me wasn't comfortable with not wearing a bra.  On top of that so many of the recons just involved cutting the t-shirt up in various creative ways.  Although this can look awesome, it doesn't always feel very stable on your body.  Another no no for self conscience 16 year old me in fact still a no no to this day.

So when I decided I was doing a t-shirt I did it for a body conscience person like myself.  This is very stable, it will stay on without the straps but with the straps it's bullet proof.  It also covers all sensitive areas thoroughly.  Lastly, if I do say so myself, it looks pretty darn cute. 

Below are the patterns for appliques.  The squares should be 1" X 1" while the eye pieces should be 1.5" wide X 6.5" long.

Lastly if you want to see how I made the Mario Mushroom shirt check out the video below!

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