Why Should You Subscribe on Youtube?

These are my subscriber goals.  If I get to these numbers of subscribers I will do each of these videos along the way.  Not to mention 2000 subscribers are the only way I'm letting a male person come anywhere near my eye with mascara.

50 – Favorite Geek Objects I own

100 – Favorite Fandoms

250 – Weird Talents

500 – Questions Vid

1000 – Not my arms Craft Challenge

2000– Male Individual Does My Make Up

5000 – Weird Talents

10,000– Draw My Life

So want to see me make a fool of myself/find out more about me?  Click here!

Other videos you want to see me do?  Comment them on Youtube or below and I'll add them to the list, you can even suggest at what subscriber number you think I should do it at.

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