Thursday, August 21, 2014

Batgirl Utility Belt Part 1

It's hard to not love the new batgirl costume.  From the snaps on the capes, to the fact that they specified no spandex.  Batgirl still looks like Batgirl, just a more possible Batgirl.  Mostly she looks like she's in a costume that I would actually enjoy wearing.  I also love the militaristic elements, cargo pockets on the belt and combat boots.

Above is the belt and leg holster pattern, the belt should be 2.75" and the leg holster should 2.5".  You're going to have to mark the pattern on the fabric and then move it down the fabric marking as you go until the piece is 1.5" x the circumference of the waist and leg.  They have a seam allowance of .5"

Then we have the belt end pattern and the two belt loops.  Ignore the belt loops until the second episode is up.  The belt end you want to put over the end of the straps once you have them the length that you want, make sure they're centered and staying nice and straight, they should be the same size as the belt patterns (2.5" and 2.75").  They also have a seam allowance of .5"

Alright on to the yoke pattern.  So this image should be 13" x 13", not the yoke itself the whole image.  You'll have to print it out in pieces an then tape it together once it's all out.  Make sure you cut out two of them and sew them together with a .5" seam allowance.

Come back next week to see the pockets, the belt loops, and the snaps.

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