Monday, August 4, 2014

Large Distressed Gear

I love steampunk, I mean I've spent days looking at different steampunk costumes and accesories.  I've designed more steampunk costumes for myself and others than I can actually count or even keep track of.  However, I really don't have a fully developed steampunk costume, I can just run into my closet take a few basic costume pieces out and create something steampunkish.  Which as a side note does have the effect of making it look like my closet threw up on me, cause it did.

So I have discovered that taking something victorian seeming and then adding a few gears will create a steampunk aesthetic.  You can buy gears either from the craft store or ebay but all of those gears of very small and new looking.  Very small gears work great for jewelry or for small accents, but if you're really trying to scream steampunk you need something bigger.  Not to mention all of those gears look very new, mostly because they are, which is not what I'm going for when I try out steampunk.

Therefore I set out to make a large distressed gear to be used as an icon pieces to complete an outfit.  Check out the video below to see how I did it.

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