Monday, July 21, 2014

Jack Skellington Measuring Spoons

I'm not going to claim that Disney doesn't use Jack Skellington to their fullest ability.  He's one of their most popular characters for all ages, he basically has his own store in Disney Land.  But when I saw some white ceramic measuring spoons he was all I could think about.

From there it was just the matter of figuring out to get details on.  I looked into the various sharpie mug pin that invaded pinterest.  What I discovered is that those really did not work, at least not that anyone could demonstrate.  Unless you used an oil based paint sharpie, which worked quite well.  Except it wasn't foodsafe, meaning I would have had to keep the paint away from anywhere I thought food was going to touch.  That definitely included the inside of the spoon which I had planned for his face.  From there I turned to google which brought me to Set To Celebrate a company that specializes in event stuff. On their website they had a foodsafe ceramic paint pen in black, it was PERFECT!

Once I got my two weird items together this craft when incredibly well, it took me all of 15 minutes to make all the spoons and then I just had to let them dry for 24 hours.  Plus look at how well they turned out!  I seriously jumped up and down once they were all drawn out I was so excited at how cute they became.

Want to see how I made these spoons?  Check out the video below!

The paint pen can be found here.

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