Monday, June 30, 2014

Soot Sprite Earrings

Oh my goodness how to explain the impact Miyazaki has had on my life.  I was watching and obsessing over his work before I even knew what anime was.  I remember loving My Neighbor Totoro and watching Kiki's Delivery Service repeatedly.

Miyazaki and Walt Disney are probably the movie creators that had the most impact on my childhood, and how I view the world now.  To this day I can't resist adorable creatures who are clearly mostly there as comedic relief.  The soot sprites are one of the few side kicks from my childhood that I consistently feel zero guilt about loving.

They're so cute! It helps that the movies that appear in are so engaging and wonderful in other ways, but mostly it just reminds me of fond days of my childhood getting lost in Miyazaki's worlds.  

So this week Soot Sprite Earrings with the sugar stars we see them eat in Spirited Away.  Check the video out below!

If you're curious I used black Palette yarn from  I can not recommend enough.  Awesome yarn, great shipping time, and wonderful customer service.

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