Monday, June 23, 2014

Mrs. Potts and Chips Necklace

Mrs. Potts has always been one of my favorite characters and she one of the few Disney mothers that we really get to know.  On top of that she's a teapot, I never got into coffee so tea runs through my veins.  Not to mention that the movie Beauty and the Beast won two Oscars the year it came out along with a slew of other awards and nominations.  So I really like this project and what inspired it basically.

Below is the template that I made.  Mrs. Potts is a coloring book page that I found online, and Chip is actually a paper craft I think used with the Cricut paper cutting machine.  You want to make sure to size it so that Mrs. Potts is around 4.7 inches  to be the same size as necklace I made.

Didn't see the episode? 

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