Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Welcome to Geeky Living

Welcome to Geeky Living, my name is Ms Sweet Satisfaction, but how about you just call me Ms Sweet. The plan here is to begin working my geeky passions into every aspect my life, and hopefully some will drift into yours.

I have been into the DIY (Do It Yourself) methodology for over a decade, and I have been a huge geek as far back as I can remember.  I've been combining the two for quite some time but a recent event in geek culture caused me to want to make it public and to teach others how to do the same.

The event was a podcast where Kevin Smith interviewed Paul Dini.  In the interview Paul Dini said that Cartoon Network wasn't interested in producing and keeping a show with a female audience demographic because "Girls don't buy toys."  Kevin Smith got angry and pointed out that there are a million other things you could make that the feminine parts of our geeky culture would happily buy.  Paul Dini agreed but simply said that it was just not something Cartoon Network was interested in doing.  Now Cartoon Network is a front runner in producing geek related materials and media.  But apparently because I don't buy toys they don't want make shows that I'd be interested in watching.

For women and girls in geek culture this is nothing new.  In the past few years there have been multiple attacks against a feminine presence in the geek culture.  The fact of the matter is we're used to loving material that wasn't "meant" for us.  So I think it's time we started showing just how much we love geek culture whether it was "meant" for us or not.

The producers of the geek media aren't interested in making items I'd be interested in?  Fine by me, I got a craft store, the internet, and a designers brain.  I'll make the items myself and I'll show everyone else how to as well.  Geeky Living will be starting on June 15th.  There will youtube video tutorials, along with more in depth talk about whatever I feel like over on this blog.

First project up is how to embroider The Next Generation: Star Trek communication badge on to just about any piece of clothing.  Not to mention how to give yourself a nice rank while you're at it.  Who wants to be an Admiral?  Or are we all just gunning for Captain?

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